Integrate JMeter tests into your Gradle build

What does it do?

Create and Edit JMeter test plans, execute JMeter tests using gradle tasks, generate HTML report and extended graphical reports, Integrate into your favourite CI workflow

Basic Usage

  • Include Plugin

    To include this plugin in your gradle project, add the plugin. For alternate ways to use the plugin, especially for older gradle versions, see wiki

  • plugins {
      id "net.foragerr.jmeter" version "1.0.5-2.13"
  • Customize settings

    Drop a jmeter test file (.jmx) into the source folders and let the plugin know where the file is. You can also customize jmeter properties and certain behaviour of the plugin in the jmeter{} section. For more customization options see the wiki page here

  • jmeter {
      jmTestFiles = [file("src/test/jmeter/test2.jmx")] 
      jmSystemPropertiesFiles = [file("src/test/jmeter/")] 
      enableExtendedReports = true